Monday, April 14, 2014

To Tommy, From Zooey.

Oh yes, I can't resist to not write about THIS and stopping my fingers from running through the keyboard: The collaboration collection between Tommy Hilfiger and Zooey Deschanel is finally launched! I personally like the brand's style, and of course who never talk about the talented Zooey personal style? The line To Tommy, From Zooey is an excellent entity of Zooey's sweet and girly 60's style with Tommy's classic and so American preppy vibe. Zooey called the collection as "Modical", which was the abbreviation of mod and nautical. This capsule collection includes 16 dresses ranging in from price USD 98 to USD 199, and has been available at Macy's starting today (4/14) and will be available in  the website and specialty Tommy stores starting next week (4/21). I will be willingly surrendered my allowance for one piece of this collection, preferably the white dress with red-and-navy pocket stripes...that just so me. xx

Watch the collection's behind-the-scene video, here.

(Images from various sources)

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  1. oh wow... I love the collection!
    IG @gracenjio


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