Thursday, December 5, 2013

...To Feel Good

I didn't feeling well when these photos were taken two days ago - it was before terrible throw up after (actually) beautiful char siu lunch. So I decided to wrap myself up with sweatshirt, my most comfortable jeans, and 'safe' ballerina flats, and hide my pale face behind the sunnies. But thank God, the sickness was over, so I'm back in track now! 

PS: The JOY Giveaway announcement is tomorrow. Good luck for all the participants! xx

I'm wearing a Ralph Lauren stripe-sweatshirt, Levi's jeggings, Carrera sunnies, Gioretti wicker flats (c/o Centro Dept. Store), and a Hush Puppies bag.

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  1. Get well soon dear :D


  2. wahh kemarin kamu sakit dear? skrg uda sembuh yaa.. :)
    ditunggu foto2 outfit kamu lagi :D



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