Monday, October 20, 2014

Cross the Line

I always got curious of the emerging new designer, especially the local one, and often support these wonderful talents by wearing the clothing pieces to my outfit. Past few weeks ago, I was introduced to a cool fashion platform called Cross The Line. This Hong Kong based web-boutique also aims to support the up-and-coming new Asian designers talent. The platform was established by 3 friends on August 2014. 

Even in their baby step, Cross the Line has already gather 14 designers under the line, currently from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are 112mountainyam, BLIND by JW, Chun Ting Liu, Clothpoint, C_yc, Envol Avec Ning, Fu Yue, Island Workbench, Plate Movement, Project Juness, Sketcharound, the upcoming XIWI, Glush/ with their outstanding bag, and the award winning accessories line Mipenna. In the future, Cross The Line has vision to gather more talented designers from China, Korea, South East Asia, and a lot more countries all over Asia. Well another thing I personally love from Cross the Line is... to maintain our shopping satisfaction, there's only 1 items available for each and every designs! Yes, means you'll find no other wearing the pretty clothes identical to yours. So grab 'em as fast as you can and go cross the line!  

As a fashion platform, Cross the Line also shares some gorgeous style inspiration every month. This October 2014 theme is the classically beautiful and minimalist Black and White. I definitely can't get over those versatile and clean-cutted pieces above (especially those mesh cropped top by Chun Ting Liu)! 

For more, please visit 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Walk in the Park

When the weather is still warm enough to call it sweater weather, yet the outfit mood is already set for autumn...le' just wear a scarf over the easy t-shirt! Sporting the normcore trend by wearing my good old Converse slip on and rolled-up jeans. Oh I'm in love more and more with this demi curve black Levi's jeans since I try to roll up the edge, and been wearing it everyday straight in a week ever! (Actually the legs is too long for me, but since this is the first time my pants ever go this way and I hesitate to cut them up, so I let it stack on my ankle. So glad to finally found the other way to wear it cool!)

Wore this outfit on one fine Sunday - when a supposed rehearsal meeting postponed the night before - we eventually take a good walk in the park before the sun goes down and it's time to run for dinner. 

Have a nice weekend, darlings! X

What I Wear
Samuel & Kevin white t-shirt, a demi curve Levi's jeans in black, Colorbox red scarf, my old Converse slip on sneakers, black Aldo sling bag, and a DKNY watch.

Photos by B. Raharja

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Essential Part

Click here for the items detail

Accessories and jewelries are the essential part to complete up my outfit. The luxury one, however can polished the simplest outfit look even in a little amount. I currently in love with the kind of watch (as the three watches shown above) that have a masculine touch, they are classy statement piece that so timeless! Wore them simply to add an edge to the look, or a quick grab for my go-to college style and sporty outfit. Because I often wore my watch like almost every time to run and jump from class to class, to schedule and another meetings, I'm quite worry will broke it by a careless move one day and it won't remain the same... But the worry factor should be shoved off, since there's a professional and trusted service center that really can handle the luxury watch like this. So by now, sure there is nothing to worry about while move actively everyday!

P.S.. Don't you think the koa-wood ring on the top right above look cool and versatile? If only I could have one of it... LOL

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitted Sweater of the Year

Those white and grey sweaters are definitely my knitwear of the year! Have been wearing them non-stop through the seasons since I got them on last mid fall, well except the hot weeks and beach-days of summer. If you followed this blog for quite a long time, you maybe has saw me several times wearing the knitted sweater here and here. I'm crazy when I fall in love with a piece and can't stop wearing it (as seen on the previous summer style diary series). The comfort and detail uniqueness of the sweaters have stole my heart away, and I'm not sorry I took the large size for the white one - I love how it looks loose and boxy on me! Pair 'em up with a vintage short jeans and 'my kind-of-skirt', and complete it up with my old but new favorite white ballerina flats. Sure, I can't wait to shop and have another good invest of knit and sweater for this fall (and wearing it all year through)!

What I Wear

Gaudi white and grey knitted-sweaters (similar to this and another one), a vintage short jeans, IDgirl pink skater skirt, Gioretti at Centro Dept. Store white wicker ballet flats, and a DKNY watch.

Photos by B. Raharja

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Through Clear Mind

I'm crazy over clear and clean stuff lately, I even put the items (pictured above) to decorate my desk and boost up some mood. Some things change as we grow up, it maybe the style, taste, mindset, or even maybe dreams. I guess I'm changing quite a lot in style. I used to be this girl who wore everything that my mother bought or told me to wear, but now I'm thinking of color coordination, the precision of the design and how some stuffs match and look good together, the cutting or characteristics of the clothing piece, before build them into the outfit I will wear in freedom with my true attitude. Fashion is maybe not an ultimate dream or goal in my life, but since I decided to write on this blog somehow things got better. I can go out to the new places or events and social circle that I've never been before and got me one step closer to the goal, and most important... I learn to 'get in my own shoes' and realizing, fixing, and working toward to develop my true style (because - we know we're right - the way you look and dressed up present your personality and mindset at the first sight. Sometimes this sounded like a nonsense, but trust me that my life got happier ever since. Because you know, even though people around you didn't treat you the way you least we still feel comfort and good about ourselves). 

And as some things on my mind grow up and change, I would like to change a bit or two details of this blog too... But now, let just talk about it later. 

On the picture:

KLAR acrylic choker and bracelet, Revlon base and top nail coat, a clear multi-function mini jar, The Body Shop face brush (the face can't be cleaner without this for sure), GlamGlow BrightMud eye treatment (one of my quick grab to save the day!), Pentel mechanic pencil (a simply chic tool I love since fourth grade!), and a plain acrylic case for the iPhone 4.

PS. If the sun shine longer this day, sure I can capture the picture better. Sigh.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How I Wear White Boxy Top (Final Part)

It was raining last three days and the day is not-so-humid anymore here in Jakarta. My summer journey this year with the lovely and versatile white boxy top will end soon (but well, there will be an excitement for cozy and thicker clothes this season, and the summer sun will always come back again, aite!). I decided to unbutton the back and wore the piece with a basic denim short this time, and top it off with a large baseball cap for the peak of the hot summer days that happened two last Saturday. I even couldn't bear with the heels so picking my old slip-on sneaker is the best choice to resist the day.

What I Wear

Cotton On white cropped boxy top, Gaudi ripped denim short, my boyfriend's baseball cap with leather peak, Converse red slip-on sneakers, New Look flower gem necklace with chunky chain, and Uniqlo knotted hair band in navy (worn as bracelet)

Another schedule-free day around, wore out the top with a straight skirt and the velvet black pumps. The straight grey skirt made up this look into a little bit office kind of, but since roamed around working boyfriend that day... I think why not to try out the outfit. Completed the look with an iridescent lip clutch and the out-of-the box acrylic choker to make it more fun. Thank God, the skirt is thick enough to resist the transition wind!


What I Wear

Cotton On white cropped boxy top, Accent grey skirt with knot detail, a gifted iridescent lip clutch, a pair of Charles & Keith Signature black velvet pumps, and a set of KLAR acrylic choker and bracelet

See you another year around, my favorite top of the summer... Xo

Photographs by B. Raharja

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roll to the Fall

I can't be more excited! The half part of the year maybe a little bit windy and wet, but what I love from it is to dress up in layers! My shopping list this season flown from classic pieces to sleek cut one to my all time favorite skirt. I'm all about neutral color currently, while in the other hand the pastel and cute bright color knitted sweater is quite tempting too... Well, if you're eyeing the same piece for the Fall/Winter wardrobe as I do, let's click here to shop and dig.

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